Đừng xấu hổ khi không biết, chỉ xấu hổ khi không học
Nguyễn Hoàng Đệ

Nguyễn Hoàng Đệ




1. I’ll be at home _____ Saturday morning. You can phone me then.

A. At               B. on               C. In                D. By

2. I’m going away _____ the end of June.

A. At               B. on               C. in                D. to

3. What time did they ____ the hotel?

A. arrive to    B. arrive at     C. arrive in    D. arrive on

4. Have you read any books ______ Agatha Christie?

A. of                           B. from                       C. by               D. with

5. I’m not very good _____ repairing things.

A. at                            B. for              C. in                D. about

6. “What time will you arrive?” “I don’t know. It depends __ the traffic.”

A. of                           B. for              C. from                       D. on

7. I prefer tea _____ coffee.

A. to                            B. than                        C. against                   D. over

8. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage __ the other car.

A. of                           B. for              C. to                D. on

9. These days everybody is aware _____ the dangers of smoking.

A. on               B. of                            C. with                        D. about

10. He’s very brave. He’s not afraid _____ anything.

A. at                            B. about                     C. with                        D. of

11. Bill and I come from the same town but my accent is different ___ his.

A. with                       B. on               C. at                            D. from

12. Do you know anyone who might be interested ___ buying an old car?

A. on               B. in                            C. with                        D. about

13. Sun oil can protect the skin _____ the sun.

A. in                            B. for              C. from                       D. by

14. The apartment consists ______ three rooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

         A. of                        B. about                     C. on               D. at

15. Mozart died ______ Vienna in 1791 _____ the age of 35.

         A. in / on     B. in / at                     C. at / in                     D. of / for

16. We waited ages for a taxi. We gave up ___ the end and walked home.

         A. in             B. on               C. at                D. of

17. I like to get up ___ time to have a big breakfast before going to work.

         A. on                        B. to                            C. in                            D. for

18. Why are you never _____ time? You always keep everybody waiting.

         A. in             B. on               C. for              D. at

19. “Romeo and Juliet” is a play ______ Shakespeare.

         A. about                  B. for              C. on               D. by

20. There has been an increase ______ the number of road accidents recently.

         A. in                         B. on               C. at                D. by