Muốn xây dựng đất nước, trước hết phải phát triển giáo dục. Muốn trị nước phải trọng dụng người tài
Nguyễn Hoàng Đệ

Nguyễn Hoàng Đệ




1. I’ll be at home _____ Saturday morning. You can phone me then.

A. At               B. on               C. In                D. By

2. I’m going away _____ the end of June.

A. At               B. on               C. in                D. to

3. What time did they ____ the hotel?

A. arrive to    B. arrive at     C. arrive in    D. arrive on

4. Have you read any books ______ Agatha Christie?

A. of                           B. from                       C. by               D. with

5. I’m not very good _____ repairing things.

A. at                            B. for              C. in                D. about

6. “What time will you arrive?” “I don’t know. It depends __ the traffic.”

A. of                           B. for              C. from                       D. on

7. I prefer tea _____ coffee.

A. to                            B. than                        C. against                   D. over

8. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage __ the other car.

A. of                           B. for              C. to                D. on

9. These days everybody is aware _____ the dangers of smoking.

A. on               B. of                            C. with                        D. about

10. He’s very brave. He’s not afraid _____ anything.

A. at                            B. about                     C. with                        D. of

11. Bill and I come from the same town but my accent is different ___ his.

A. with                       B. on               C. at                            D. from

12. Do you know anyone who might be interested ___ buying an old car?

A. on               B. in                            C. with                        D. about

13. Sun oil can protect the skin _____ the sun.

A. in                            B. for              C. from                       D. by

14. The apartment consists ______ three rooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

         A. of                        B. about                     C. on               D. at

15. Mozart died ______ Vienna in 1791 _____ the age of 35.

         A. in / on     B. in / at                     C. at / in                     D. of / for

16. We waited ages for a taxi. We gave up ___ the end and walked home.

         A. in             B. on               C. at                D. of

17. I like to get up ___ time to have a big breakfast before going to work.

         A. on                        B. to                            C. in                            D. for

18. Why are you never _____ time? You always keep everybody waiting.

         A. in             B. on               C. for              D. at

19. “Romeo and Juliet” is a play ______ Shakespeare.

         A. about                  B. for              C. on               D. by

20. There has been an increase ______ the number of road accidents recently.

         A. in                         B. on               C. at                D. by